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I started my bus career in 1972, driving this 'Bristol' for Blackwell & Woodcock.
CountryBusa.jpg (34442 bytes)
007 on Country Bus service 1973
CountryBusb.jpg (32981 bytes)
007 At the Park 1973
Bristol LH.jpg (38243 bytes)
Bristol LH on Airport run 1978
FDL 842
Vic'sToursOB.jpg (59384 bytes)

Vic's Tours Bedford OB 1970
CYO 692V
CYO692V.jpg (59122 bytes)

1988. From humble beginnings. Unfortunately, the bank wouldn't give me the loan I wanted. Ford Transit 12 seat.

RYP494Y.jpg (50339 bytes)
This was a VW LT28 with 15 forward facing seats. I got this in 1989
RYP 494Y
RYP494Y2.jpg (24418 bytes)

I kept her for about 2 years but she was very unreliable and uncomfortable for the passengers.
D872 FHU
D872FHU.jpg (66817 bytes)

This was my pride & joy! My first 'proper' minibus. I used to enjoy doing tours in this Leyland 17 seater and did some pretty choice work too.
D872FHU2.jpg (110437 bytes)
I kept FHU for about 4 years.
D872FHU3.jpg (81766 bytes)
Outside Harold Wilson's house with Lord & Lady Wilson, Lord & Lady Callaghan in the b/ground.
F883 XOE
F883XOE.jpg (34236 bytes)

My first venture into the realms of 'walk in' access. Acquired from 'Houston Ramm' in 1994
F883XOE2.jpg (39976 bytes)
This could have been the ultimate bus for my needs but the 'Carlyle' bodywork was too heavy for the Leyland chassis and prone to rot underneath.
Vic'sToursOB.jpg (59384 bytes) 
FDL 842 (Corgi made a model of this particular coach)
Vic's Tours was established in 1947 by Vic Trenwith and his nephew, Ronnie Perry. They operated tours around St Marys for many years and when both men died, the business was taken over by Ron's son-in-law, Bruce Maple who ran it for another 7 years until his untimely death in 1997. That's when the business was bought out by myself and incorporated into the name 'Island Rover'. The name 'Vics Tours' was dropped in respect to their memory.
PYH 651Y

When I bought Vic's Tours, I inherited the contracts that went with it. My vehicle wasn't up to the job so another visit to the bank and I ended up with this Leyland Cub (Redline) coach which I acquired from 'Ebdon's Coaches' of Sidcup in Feb. 1998
Berthafulltour.jpg (81233 bytes)
A full compliment of passengers enjoying themselves on 'Bertha'.


bus1.jpg (42778 bytes)

Bertha resting

bus7.jpg (62474 bytes)

Berthainside.jpg (89779 bytes)

bus3.jpg (46644 bytes)

'Bertha' & 'Ivy'
bus6.jpg (65374 bytes)
'Ivy' between Fred's 'Ford' bus and Allan's taxi.
"Ivy 2".
H460 HBA

H466HBA1.jpg (28299 bytes)
 Another Iveco 49/10 with 25 seats, also acquired from Houston Ramm in 1999

bus4.jpg (69552 bytes)
The last thing you see when you cross the road without looking.
bus2.jpg (67483 bytes)
'Bertha' in front of Coastguard tower.
busairport.jpg (35426 bytes)
A coffee & photo break at the Airport.
busholyvale.jpg (50857 bytes)
'Ivy 2' & Me in Holy Vale
CJH 119V
This was the 'Bristol VRT' open topper that I got in 2003 from Andrew & Simon Munden in Bristol. This bus was acquired in order to compete with another open topper that was brought into the Islands in 2002. I decided to have her painted in the original 'Vic's Tours' colours of Cream & Blue. I drove her down from Bristol but by the time I got to Penzance, the weather had changed for the worse and it was 6 weeks before it settled enough to bring her over on 'Mojo Maritime's' landing craft. It was during **this time that I decided that she was just too big for Scilly and that it wasn't fair to the locals, visitors or Islands and sold her to Western Greyhound in Newquay. 
 'Island Rover' fleet in 1998
bus5.jpg (71692 bytes)
'Bertha', Me in front of 'Dora' (Vic's Tours' old Bedford/Duple coach) & 'Ivy' on quiet day.
WIL 3639

WILside.jpg (40717 bytes)
A 1986 Bedford YMP coach with Plaxton Paramount bodywork. Bought from 'Vale Travel' of Nottingham in October 2003
WILfront.jpg (52853 bytes)
The last thing you see when you cross the road without looking.

Plaxton4.jpg (99675 bytes)
Inside 'Wilma'


Plaxton6.jpg (94970 bytes) Wil & Boats.jpg (77805 bytes)
Wilma with 2 of our pleasure boats, 'Osprey' & 'Kingfisher' in Falmouth Marina
Mojo1.jpg (112980 bytes)
Backing 'Wilma' onto L/Craft in Penzance.

Mojo2.jpg (108696 bytes)
All aboard!
Mojo1a.jpg (25790 bytes)
Entering 'Grand Harbour, St. Marys.
Mojo2a.jpg (53363 bytes)
Off-loading at Rachabite Slip'.
Mojo3a.jpg (50063 bytes)
Nearly there
Wilmaside(new).jpg (48166 bytes)
Check up before starting work.
Radio Cornwall visit to Scilly 2004. Celebrating Wilma's first tour.
This was the first tour I did with 'Wilma', Janet Ethorne brought over some Radio Cornwall listeners and stayed at Tregarthen's hotel. I got a couple of bottles of wine and we celebrated the future.
WilmaAirport2.jpg (143738 bytes)
About to get out at the Airport.
WilmaAirport.jpg (106541 bytes)
Making the most of a lovely sunny day. The celebrations carried on in Tregarthen's hotel late into the night.
New for 2005. This 1957 Titan spent a few years on Jersey.
Mojo Maritime landing craft arriving in Scilly after a 6 hour journey from Penzance.
Leyland PD2 arriving in Scilly. April 2005


Final approach into 'Rachebite Slip'
Getting prepared.


Me driving her off, wheels on scillonian territory for first time.
Inching down the ramp.


Resting after her marathon 260 journey from Lydney to Scilly over land and sea.
In her new home at last.


'Daisy' with Island Rover sign writing in place.
With new island Rover sign writing
Even on a cold, windy day the magnetism of the old girl gets peopl interested. People actually stop and wave as we go by.
I wasn't going to bother today because of the cold wind, but the feeling amongst the people was 'go for it!'


Daisy at Porthlow Boatyard, overlooking beach.
Daisy at Porthlow with 'Shearings' group in good spirits. Surprising what a bit of sunshine does. (I call it 'Daisy' because some days 'e goes out and some days 'e don't)


Sunshine brings out the best in people. 
Daisy at the end of Golf Club Lane


A bright sunny morning on the Strand. Top deck aboard 'Daisy'.
Waiting for the morning tour to get under way.

Daisyonramp.jpg (167428 bytes)
Daisy' on Nike Engineering's new ramp. This new workshop opened up in the summer 2005 and brought maintenance on St Marys into the 21st century.


DaisyatHolgatesjpg.jpg (139738 bytes)
Holgate's Green with youngster's birthday party aboard.


DSCF0035a8.jpg (71027 bytes)
Taken by Bob Tuthill

DSCF0033a6.jpg (72676 bytes)
Taken by Bob Tuthill
Taken by Bob Tuthill whilst over on holiday with 'Palmer's Travel'
Leonardo D'Caprio

This was 'Woodcock's Buses' Dennis Dart arriving on the 'Portree' in 2003. Eric asked me to go away and collect it for him, take it to Falmouth and load it. Next day she arrived in Scilly.
Katiewedding2.jpg (142548 bytes)

Katie covering wedding  July 2007

Katiewedding.jpg (141572 bytes)

Picturecam 019.jpg (493099 bytes)

Me & Fred having a 
Coffee break, October 2007. 

  Katie60birthday2.jpg (152979 bytes)  
Katie's 60th birthday
July 8th 2008
The_Firm.jpg (113388 bytes) 
Fred, (Katie's driver) - Harry & Me
Summer 2008
TheFirm3.jpg (265175 bytes)
Dave, the Shearing's courier, Me, Harry & Fred.
Summer 2008
IMG_0004.JPG (543812 bytes)
Dave, Me & Fred.
Summer 2008

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These photos were sent to me by an old friend and show Vic's tours Austin in a barn somewhere in Hampshire. It was taken about 20 years ago, shortly after she left Scilly.

Anyone know anything about it?

Below: This photo was kindly sent in by Brian Clifton and shows Vic's Tours 'Commer' with one of their famous Bedford ob's, (Probably FDL842 The coach that 'Corgi' based their model on) outside their garage on the Strand. Pic. taken in 1974

Below: This was kindly sent in by Dave Griffiths and shows one of Vic's old Bedfords by the Park. This model preceded the OB.

This collection was sent in by Richard Pearce and depict some of Vic's coaches, including one of Ronnie Perry, who many people thought was 'Vic'.

WTB.CUW82. Vics Tours.jpg (248490 bytes) RonniePrrry.jpg (141371 bytes) Vic's Buses2.jpg (262352 bytes)  Vic's Buses3.jpg (299427 bytes) Vic's Buses4.jpg (312472 bytes)

This photo was pinched from a local website and shows one of Vic's old Austins by the Park. 

VicsAustincloseup.jpg (40188 bytes) 

Below: Bedford OB at Maypole 1966 (photo by kind permission of Richard Leaman)

VicsBedfordMaypole.jpg (169212 bytes) 

Well, after 5 summers here, Daisy has now left the Islands and gone back to 'London Bus Export Co' in Lydney. If anyone's interested, she's up for grabs, please contact them on 01291 689741

daisyaway1.jpg (86737 bytes)
Some people go bald, some go grey...Bus drivers do both.

 daisyaway2.jpg (86406 bytes)
Worried man at work. These business tycoons don't know what pressure is.            

daisyaway3.jpg (66455 bytes)
Angle of the dangle...Pythagoras theory all to hell here. 

 daisyaway4.jpg (190947 bytes)  
Reversing onto the ramp...please note ground clearance.

daisyaway5.jpg (126664 bytes) daisyaway6.jpg (111754 bytes) daisyaway7.jpg (113997 bytes)
Leaving the slip and heading for pastures new.

Today 28th March 2011 Wilma left the Islands for pastures new after 7 years here on St Marys. She served me well.

WilmaAway.jpg (240696 bytes)

Below = These two buses will join 'Katie' to make up our fleet for 2011.

Island Rover's latest acquisition, a Volvo B6 fresh out of the spray shop. (Now in our own livery)

Metrorider Pic for John.jpg (428498 bytes)
Our recent acquisition of this Optare Metrorider, converted to open sides

Yours truly by the Company workhorse. (Volvo B6)


Below = New for 2017